Road to the top

Discover the talents of Andy McSean with the “SWISS Newcomer“ playlist.

Andy McSean is a full-blooded musician. With a whole load of life experience and courage. The stories in Andy’s songs are told in a way listeners can relate to and feel the emotions expressed over and over again.


The father-of-two was a member of various bands for roughly ten years before starting his own solo project in 2011. As a passionate busker, he was a regular sight on city streets from St. Gallen to Dublin. It also gave him the perfect opportunity to test his self-penned songs on a critical audience: without a stage show, armed only with his trademark vocals, guitar and loop station, an effect gadget that he uses to create a whole band and thus astonish audiences. “Playing live is the best feeling,“ he says with enthusiasm.


In 2014, he released his debut album “Passenger“. “Music never fails to create something magical. From amazing intimacy with complete strangers to collective euphoria between the band and a large crowd,“ he says. On his latest album “Changes and Chances“, Andy McSean worked closely with the “Department of Noise“ team in Zürich. The result is autobiographical songs with catchy melodies, infectious beats and anthem-like choruses.


Spend your flight discovering the music of a newcomer, who can no longer really be referred to as such, and from whom we
are only going to hear more in the future.